Innovative Compliance
for the Future of Finance.

Beam uses machine learning and new data sources to offer better compliance software for fintechs, banks, broker-dealers, entities utilizing blockchain, and other regulated financial groups. Our API-based SaaS platform helps customers dramatically reduce false positives and enhance transaction monitoring. Beam exceeds anti-money laundering (AML), know-your-customer (KYC) and suspicious activity reporting (SARs) regulatory requirements and maximizes compliance resources - all for substantially less cost than the current standard. The company is led and advised by industry and regulatory veterans.
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AML/CTF Monitoring

Customer Due Diligence

SAR Filing

Avoid Large Fees & Penalties

Legacy software offerings are expensive and expose you to large penalties and bad publicity. The inevitable failure of rigid, rule-based offerings leaves your BSA/AML program vulnerable. Minimize unnecessary risk with Beam’s superior intelligent software.

How Beam Works

Using state-of-the-art machine learning, our software analyzes hundreds of factors about millions of financial transactions to adaptively search for abnormal trends and activity. We leverage both supervised and unsupervised learning techniques to model and cluster customer/account profiles to detect suspicious activity on both an individual level and compared to a statistically-defined peer group. Our models take the results of your analyst’s investigations in a feedback loop to continually learn from new findings. This allows for rapid improvement and an up-to-date compliance solution. Our “transparent box” approach means that you’ll have clear records of all software activity, and ready-made regulator-approved reporting. 

Beam approaches suspicious activity detection differently. We combine advanced analytics with domain expertise and new data sources for a holistic compliance solution. By looking at your data from all angles, our solution equates to fewer false positives and higher catch rates.


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