Innovative Compliance
for the Future of Finance.

Beam’s end-to-end compliance solution brings new data sources and advanced machine learning models to cut false positives and enhance transaction monitoring. Our unique transparent-box approach demystifies machine learning, exposes all data sources, and is built for regulator understanding and approval.
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AML/CTF Monitoring

Customer Due Diligence

SAR Filing

Avoid Large Fees & Penalties

Legacy software offerings are expensive and expose you to large penalties and bad publicity. The inevitable failure of rigid, rule-based offerings leaves your BSA/AML program vulnerable. Minimize unnecessary risk with Beam’s superior intelligent software.

How Beam Works

Our advanced models and machine learning create adaptive models that learn how to catch new schemes as they are invented. Our software analyzes hundreds of factors about millions of financial transactions and searches for abnormal trends and activity. Beam learns from the results of your analyst’s investigations to weight the relative importance of different observed abnormalities depending on how indicative they are of illegal activity. This allows for rapid improvement and an up-to-date compliance solution. Our “transparent box” approach means that you’ll have clear records of all software activity, and ready-made regulator-approved reporting.

Beam approaches suspicious activity detection differently. We utilize dynamic segmentation to identify and cluster similar accounts allowing us to apply machine learning algorithms to each cluster individually greatly improving accuracy. By comparing similar account types, we can isolate and understand irregular behavior better. This equates to fewer false positives and higher catch rates.


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