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Pursue Purpose at Beam

Beam is a purpose-driven company working to make the financial system safer for everyone. Regulators increasingly appreciate the risk that money laundering, terrorist financing, and human trafficking pose to society. Beam creates high-quality, scalable compliance tools that are accessible to all money transmitters — from small fintechs to the largest financial institutions. 

Why should you care about stopping money laundering? The answer is simple: stopping money laundering helps protect the world’s most vulnerable people. Successful money laundering is what allows criminals to cash out the proceeds of crimes, including drug and human trafficking, kidnapping, modern slavery, genocide, and systemic corruption. Creating stronger compliance systems helps reveal those individuals who are actively engaging in these crimes and attacks the problem at its root. 

The incentive to engage in the kind of crime that requires money laundering is financial. The harder it is to turn the proceeds of these crimes into spendable assets in the mainstream financial system, the lower the incentive to commit these crimes. Beam believes that effective compliance programs are critical in the fight against the exploitation of vulnerable people. This purpose inspires us every day to create the best tools to help in this fight. 

Visit our careers page to see what positions are currently open. If none of our open positions matches your background, but you still think you would be a great fit at Beam, send us an email at [email protected]