100% operational while you're 100% remote
Beam is fully operational during the pandemic, and so are our customers. Beam's cloud solutions keep your team operating seamlessly, wherever you are.
Innovative solutions for the future of compliance
Superior detection of suspicious activity yields more real cases and a lot less noise
Fight crime, not software
Intuitive, team-based, AI-assisted workflows designed by compliance experts streamline your transaction monitoring, investigation, and reporting processes
Compliance for everyone
Beam Express gives you a secure, easy-to-use, turnkey compliance solution at a fraction of the cost
Avoid millions in fines
Without spending millions of dollars
Beam minimizes your risk of large penalties and bad publicity for substantially less cost than legacy solutions

Who benefits from Beam?

If your business processes financial transactions, you are a target for money laundering and need a compliance solution. Beam’s software was designed by compliance experts to provide an intuitive, highly accurate, and easy-to-use dashboard that streamlines transaction monitoring. We help fintechs, banks, broker-dealers, entities using blockchain, and other regulated financial groups who need to comply with anti-money laundering (AML), know-your-customer (KYC), and suspicious activity reporting (SAR) regulatory requirements. Request a demo to see how Beam can solve your compliance challenges.


Superior detection

By leveraging machine learning, Beam’s detection models catch subtle trends with much higher accuracy than legacy offerings.


Thoughtful design

Beam’s fast, intuitive, easy-to-use workflows are designed specifically for compliance professionals like you.


Production ready

Beam’s powerful, cloud-based solution maximizes your team’s potential right out of the box.


Best for your bottom line

Minimize financial risk with Beam’s best-in-class solution for a lot less cost.


Industry experts

Beam Solutions was founded by industry veterans with deep experience in compliance, regulatory affairs, machine learning, and data science.

How Beam works

Using state-of-the-art machine learning, Beam’s software analyzes hundreds of factors about millions of financial transactions to adaptively search for subtle trends and activity. Our detection models flag suspicious activity at the individual level and compared to a statistically defined peer group, and they build a full digital identity of your customers using online sources like social media.

The models use the results of your analysts’ investigations in a feedback loop to continually learn from new findings. The software creates a clear audit history of all activity and generates ready-made, regulator-approved reporting.

By looking at your data from all angles, Beam yields significantly fewer false positives and higher catch rates.


“We chose Beam because they are really taking a different approach in the transaction monitoring space.”

Jordan Slack, Director of Technology at Independent Financial Partners