Beam Case Management
Powerful, streamlined investigation

Beam streamlines the process of investigating suspicious activity by integrating powerful tools with a modern, intuitive workflow.

Thoughtful user interface

Designed by compliance experts, the Beam Investigator module is easy to use and will contribute to your team’s success, not hinder it. The intuitive dashboard shows your active cases and notifications, so you can dive right in and pick up where you left off.

Powerful tools

Beam’s tools help your team investigate more effectively with intelligent data aggregation and a collaborative, role-based workflow. A single click on a case shows you a consolidated view of the relevant parties, transactions, and more. Easily review the history, add notes and attachments, and submit the case to a manager for review.

Advanced reporting and filing

At the end of your investigation, you can easily create Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs) from your cases and let Beam e-file them for you. We take care of the integration with FinCEN, so you can focus on case management, not configuration.

Maximize your team’s productivity

Beam provides a comprehensive solution that streamlines investigation, case management, and SAR filing. Request a demo today to see how Beam can transform compliance in your organization.