Compliance for cryptocurrencies
Stay ahead of the competition and make compliance an advantage, not a liability

Compliance is coming to crypto

Buying, selling, and holding cryptocurrency poses a significant AML compliance risk that cannot be ignored. The days of the lawless, anonymous cryptocurrency ecosystem have come to an end, but even as crypto goes mainstream, the risks of unwittingly facilitating money laundering and criminal activity persist. Institutions that engage with these assets must adopt rigorous AML procedures to avoid regulatory scrutiny and severe penalties.

Out of the shadows

Criminals once held an advantage from their early adoption of cryptocurrency, but that advantage has vanished as sophisticated tools have been developed to shed light on these transactions. Beam has developed proprietary, breakthrough techniques that track crypto movement and link addresses.

Our technology enables active monitoring of funds and a comprehensive view of the history of any particular unit of currency. Our advanced analytics and user-oriented platform are currency-agnostic and are ready to be deployed with crypto exchanges, crypto wallet companies, crypto custodians, investment advisors, and institutional investors.

Protect your reputation

Crypto companies including centralized exchanges, decentralized exchanges, wallet providers, and custodians face an uphill battle of establishing and maintaining a reputation of security, legitimacy, and compliance. One negative event can cause irreparable damage to both consumer and regulator trust. With the prevalence of criminals utilizing crypto to launder funds, it’s essential for companies to employ rigorous compliance programs.

With reporting requirements to both FinCEN and potentially NYDFS, compliance can be challenging for companies dealing in crypto. Whether you currently hold a New York BitLicense, would like to hold one, or do not plan to operate in New York, we have the tools necessary to ensure that you stay compliant with evolving regulations and multiple jurisdictions.

Beam’s cloud-based monitoring and investigation platform provide currency-agnostic compliance across your supported coins without the IT overhead. Beam allows you to avoid high-risk funds, detect suspicious activity, and maintain the reputation your business needs in order to succeed.

Invest with peace of mind

Institutional investors and investment advisors face the challenge of wanting to participate in the market while simultaneously avoiding financial and reputational damage from facilitating illegal activity. Engaging in this business line without investing in adequate compliance safeguards is a recipe for disaster.

Beam is the ideal solution to help you mitigate these risks. We provide deep analysis of the currency you are purchasing to ensure it has not come from illicit origins, monitor the activity of your customers to detect suspicious activity, and provide a comprehensive risk management platform. With Beam, investors and advisors can embrace the valuable crypto market with peace of mind.