Compliance for fintechs
Beam’s cloud offering provides a secure, ready-to-use compliance solution without the IT overhead.

You’re a target for money laundering. Now what?

Any firm that handles financial transactions is a potential target for money laundering. But many firms don’t think about this until they are notified that they are being regulated, or worse, when they are suddenly at the center of bad publicity for their unwitting role in a money-laundering scheme. To avoid stiff penalties and damage to your reputation, you need a compliance solution—fast.

Compliance organizations face daunting challenges

Money laundering, human trafficking, and terrorist financing plague the financial system and are growing at alarming rates, and current solutions can’t keep up. Most systems are based on static rules that don’t respond to new patterns. As a result, compliance teams waste a lot of time on false positives and easily miss the real cases. To monitor all transactions and avoid multibillion-dollar fines, compliance organizations need a smart solution that enables them to be responsive, adaptable, and efficient.

Fight crime, not software

Beam’s solution was designed by compliance experts to provide an intuitive, easy-to-use dashboard that streamlines AML transaction monitoring. Our powerful tools help your team investigate more effectively with intelligent data aggregation and a collaborative workflow, significantly reducing case review time. The result is a comprehensive suite that combines transaction monitoring, investigation, and filing of suspicious activity reports (SARs) in a single, unified package.

Ready to use

Beam’s solution is available in the cloud, so you can get up and running right away with a secure, ready-to-use compliance solution without the IT overhead. And you can dramatically enhance your current compliance solutions by integrating Beam into your existing algorithms, rule sets, and systems without complete software replacement.

More real cases. A lot less noise.

Using state-of-the-art machine learning, Beam’s superior detection software analyzes hundreds of factors about millions of financial transactions to adaptively search for abnormal trends and activity.

Our models take the results of your analyst’s investigations in a feedback loop to continually learn from new findings, yielding significantly fewer false positives. Our approach provides clear records of all software activity, resulting in ready-made, regulator-approved reporting.

Best for your budget and peace of mind

Compliance officers have a major responsibility to protect their firms from the expense and reputational damage associated with processing bad transactions, but they also face pressure to minimize costs. With our best-in-class, cloud-based compliance software, you don’t have to choose between quality and savings. Beam provides the best solution for minimizing your risk of large penalties and bad publicity at a substantially lower price.