George Ng Joins Beam Advisory Board

Beam is excited to announce that George Ng has joined Beam as an advisor. George is the Chief Data Officer for Guidewire Software where he leads product and engineering for analytic products and solutions. Prior to acquisition by Guidewire, George was a co-founder and CTO at Cyence where he architected a cyber risk assessment platform that combines internet scale data collection, machine learning, and financial modeling to assess technology driven risks.

“I look forward to working more closely with Ben, Andreas and team as they continue to innovate in regtech,” said George. “The regtech space is unique in that there are vast quantities of potentially relevant data paired with very strict requirements for data confirmation. Beam solutions precisely addresses this problem by using machine learning to both automate information curation and to improve human decision making and using AI to learn from evolving human decisions.”

Beam CTO and co-founder Andreas Bayer welcomed George to the Beam technology team. “George’s proven expertise in large scale data analytics helps Beam refine and scale repeatable and robust explainable AI, bring the human intelligently into the loop, and build our differentiating data moat.” said Andreas.