Russian Criminals are Using a New Money Laundering Scheme using Uber “Ghost Rides”

At its core, the scheme is used to facilitate credit card fraud. However, this same method of moving money could conceivably be used to launder the proceeds of all sorts of other crime. The scheme starts with the use of an emulator and a VPN on the scammer’s laptop. This allows them to use their computer as though it is a smartphone and create the appearance that their fake phone is located in whatever city they want. The scammer is then ready to dispatch “ghost rides” to their network of corrupt drivers while communicating the details of the rides to the drivers via messaging apps.

The scammer’s client pays for the rides with stolen credit cards and then the client, scammer, and driver all walk away with clean money. This is, of course, after Uber takes its cut from what it believes to be a legitimate ride.

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