The solution to your compliance challenges
Beam provides a full-stack solution that lets you monitor transactions, detect suspicious activity, manage investigations, and file suspicious activity reports

Whether you’re brand new to compliance or have a large team with a legacy system, Beam solves your compliance and anti-money laundering requirements with minimal IT overhead at lower cost. Designed by industry experts with deep experience in compliance, regulatory affairs, machine learning, and data science, Beam streamlines your compliance process and helps you maximize the value of your institution’s compliance resources. Beam’s powerful, scalable technologies utilize advanced machine learning and new social and geographic data sources to provide best-in-class compliance tools for banks, credit unions, fintechs, and more. Click a product below to learn more.

Beam Transaction Monitoring

Fight crime at speed and scale

Beam Identity Verification

Trust your customers and do business with confidence

Beam Watchlists

Keep people on watchlists off of your platform


Satisfy regulatory requirements with superior risk assessment

Beam Suspicious Activity Reporting

Automatically generate and file regulator-approved suspicious activity reports