Beam Enterprise
Best-in-class enterprise compliance

Transform compliance in your organization

Beam Enterprise is the most powerful and accurate compliance solution on the market. Empower your compliance team with our cutting-edge technologies, customizability, and premium support … all for less cost than legacy systems.

Advanced features, expert guidance

Do you process a high volume of transactions every month? Beam Enterprise has you covered with unlimited transaction monitoring for enterprise-scale compliance. It comes packed with advanced features such as premium data sources, advanced watchlists and reporting, and so much more. It’s also highly customizable, so we can tailor it to your exact needs.

As a Beam Enterprise customer, you’ll work alongside our industry experts to ensure your workflows and detection rules maximize the efficiency, productivity, and accuracy of your mission-critical compliance teams. You’ll also get a dedicated Technical Account Manager who will answer your questions and escalate any issues that arise.

Experience the power of Beam Enterprise

Beam Enterprise builds on the features in Beam Express to provide the best solution for mission-critical compliance teams. Request a demo to see how Beam will transform compliance in your organization.