Beam Suspicious Activity Reporting
Automatically generate and file regulator-approved suspicious activity reports

Beam transforms your reporting approach

Suspicious activity reports have traditionally been tedious to create. Analysts waste time entering the information they already gathered during their investigations. The process has been slow and laborious … until now.

Beam Suspicious Activity Reporting provides a streamlined, fully integrated approach to creating and filing SARs and other types of suspicious activity reports. You can stream your data into the Beam platform, which automatically generates reports with many of the fields filled in for you. And Beam can file SARs directly with FinCEN, so no manual intervention is required.

Simplified report generation

The Beam Investigator module provides a friendly form that makes it easy to enter data. Best of all, Beam takes all the data that was collected in the case and automatically enters it for you, so you can focus on fine-tuning the report, not starting each one from scratch. Beam provides a full audit history of all activity, and all the relevant information is compiled for you into a ready-made, regulator-approved report.

Fully automated filing

Using the Beam Filing Gateway module, you can configure scheduled jobs to send your SARs electronically in batches to FinCEN on the days and times you specify. Beam provides you with flexibility, ease of use, accuracy, and transparency to simplify advanced reporting and filing.

Protect your reputation with Beam

Beam Suspicious Activity Reporting works seamlessly with the rest of the Beam platform to allow you to confidently monitor transactions, investigate suspicious activity, and file regulator-approved reports, minimizing your risk of large penalties and bad publicity for substantially less cost than legacy solutions.