Whether you are a small fintech startup or a large international bank, you face compliance challenges every day. Beam’s software scales to meet the needs of your institution. From software as a service (SaaS) cloud-based solutions to a fully integrated specialized enterprise package, we apply our superior technology to suit your needs.

Your Full Toolkit
Small and midsize financial institutions have to make do with fewer analysts and resources dedicated to BSA/AML compliance. Fewer analysts, fewer filing officers, and less sophisticated software can add up to a weak AML/BSA compliance outcome. With Beam, your analysts will investigate more cases to a higher degree of detail and accuracy in less time. Our algorithms maximize the effectiveness of your analysts by prioritizing high-risk hits and providing all of the information they need in a fast and clear interface. This ensures that resources go to investigate and report the most dangerous cases first.
SaaS or On-Premises
For smaller and midsize financial institutions, we offer flexible formats for your integration needs. If you’re ready for cloud-based software as a service, we offer a turnkey solution that doesn’t require significant IT integration or updates, integrated with your core banking software. If you need an on-premises or private cloud solution, we can also help you deploy Beam internally without overtaxing your information technology teams.
Enterprise Scale
We work closely with our larger partners to create specific implementations of our technology to address their needs. This is a collaborative process that yields a finished product that seamlessly integrates with their pre existing platforms and is designed specifically with their compliance team in mind.
Pilot Beam
For larger institutions, Beam will work with you to structure a pilot program tailored to your data security requirements and current banking software. You’ll get valuable insight into your false positive rates, reveal hidden indicators, and see the material improvement Beam can deliver to your institution’s transaction monitoring program.