Beam Data Ingestion
Securely send your data to Beam

Beam makes it easy to integrate your data with the Beam platform so you can process transactions and other data. Beam’s versatile data models support all types of businesses—such as banks, marketplaces, and cryptocurrencies—so you don’t have to force your data into a one-size-fits-all solution.


Beam provides two highly secure, flexible approaches for sending your data to Beam for processing:

  • Beam File Exchange allows you to send your data as CSV, XML, and other file formats using SFTP or Amazon S3.
  • Beam API Gateway allows you to send your data as a JSON payload using Beam’s RESTful Data Ingestion API.

Both approaches are designed to enforce data integrity. When you call the API, you supply an OAuth 2.0 token along with your request to authenticate with the API gateway. The API sends requests securely via SSL through the gateway to the internal services, which process the request and send a response back through the gateway to the caller.

Once you have integrated your data with Beam Data Ingestion, Beam Detector monitors the transactions and runs detection logic on them to flag suspicious activity, and Beam Social Intelligence enriches the data with content from online sources. Suspicious activity is then displayed in Beam Investigator, where your analysts can investigate and manage cases and file suspicious activity reports.