Beam Detector
Significantly fewer false positives and higher catch rates

Beam Detector monitors your transactions and detects suspicious activity. Its domain-specific models adapt to changing behavior and excel in a wide range of scenarios with superior accuracy.

Challenges with detection

Legacy systems based on rules and scenarios are fine for detecting static money laundering vectors. But criminals don’t sit still, and financial institutions can’t either. When behavioral patterns change, legacy systems lose their precision. Their only solution is to add more rules, which over time generate huge numbers of false positives and make false negatives more likely.

Legacy systems produce up to 99% false positives and miss as much as 60% of bad activity

The power of machine learning

Beam Detector uses machine learning to account for many more variables simultaneously. Our algorithms learn from every investigation that your analysts conduct in Beam Investigator, ensuring your detection models constantly improve and stay ahead of the criminals.

We also score and rank our parameters by analyzing thousands of cases in order to prioritize hits and give them greater risk weighting. The result is significantly fewer false positives and higher catch rates, which means less wasted time and more quality SARs filed.