Evolve faster than the criminals
Beam’s cutting-edge technology solves your compliance needs with high accuracy, security, and ease of use

Innovative technology for the future of compliance

The Beam Platform provides a set of modules that perform data ingestion, detection, social intelligence, investigation and case management, and report filing. The modules work seamlessly together in a cloud-based deployment that minimizes IT overhead.

The following diagram shows how data flows through the platform.

At key points in the data flow, notifications are triggered that you can subscribe to and take action on using the Beam Webhooks API. For example, you can receive notifications when an alert is triggered, a case is created, or a case is closed.


Click a module below to learn more:

Beam Data Ingestion

Securely send your data to Beam for processing

Beam Detector

Automatically monitor transactions and detect suspicious activity

Beam Social Intelligence

Enrich your data and verify identities from online sources

Beam Investigator

Use the friendly dashboard and collaborative workflow to analyze suspicious activity and manage cases

Beam Filing Gateway

Easily create and file Suspicious Activity Reports from cases in Beam Investigator