Beam Watchlists
Keep people on watchlists off of your platform

Screen now or pay later

Every financial transaction your business handles could be used to fund terrorists, human traffickers, and related criminals. That’s why regulations require that companies screen their financial transactions to avoid doing business with individuals, businesses, and other entities that have been sanctioned. Companies without adequate screening software face stiff penalties and reputation damage.

Superior screening
for peace of mind

Beam Watchlists is the ideal solution to augment and enhance the transaction-monitoring capabilities of your business. Beam’s advanced software automatically screens every transaction against a comprehensive set of sanctions and other watchlists to help you meet your regulatory obligations and protect your company.

Fewer false positives

Beam Watchlists is a high-precision screening solution that incorporates the same data sources your analysts access manually in order to programmatically deprioritize and clear false positives. Beam also sends cases to analysts with contextual information that allows them to quickly and efficiently eliminate false positives when human review is still required.

Protect your reputation with Beam

Beam Watchlists is an advanced, comprehensive, easy-to-use solution that minimizes your risk of large penalties and bad publicity for substantially less cost than legacy solutions.